Monday, October 27, 2014

Pattern (but not relevant with Badminton)

I'm starting to see a pattern here. Do you see it?

I'm only posting once in every other year. Not that I planned it.

After a couple of years being in the comfort zone at work, I had a major change in my job that started a couple months back. Or perhaps it is a minor one, depends on how you see it; This transition is getting depressing and stressful. Even when I knew that this is to be expected. Knowing it, or even expecting it, is definitely not the same as having experience it. Never have I in these few years felt such anxiety for weeks in a row, and while I put all my time into the work it doesn't mean that it will have a better result. Mindless effort does not bring result like how it used to.

Work hard, and work smart. Easy to say. I might be smart at some things, but I'm still far behind of what I need to be capable of doing. Social interaction is really not my forte. These skills are really important for my job scope, and now I really wonder how I can thrive or maybe even survive when so many others couldn't. I always assure myself that perseverance and persistency is the ultimate key to achieving any goal, and the other qualities are secondary to it. And I hope I can pull through and prove myself right, this time. But in the meanwhile, I'm relaxing myself and taking it slow just because these past weeks has really drained me out.

By the by, back to my previous topic about fantasy fictions. These past years I've been reading a lot too, and I discovered lots of great fantasy works that I really enjoy like The Night Angel Trilogy, Farseer & Tawny Man Trilogy, Mistborn Trilogy (so many trilogies), Stormlight Archive, and even the Lord of the Rings. Perhaps my reading has matured a bit, or that my reading skills improved? Because I wasn't able to finish half the first book of LOTR a few years back, but now I could finish it; LOTR seemed too dull and slow back then. And perhaps it is due to this that I find The Heroes of Olympus not as good as it used to be as the series is targeted for young adults(I'm making myself sound old) but then it might not be a fair opinion because I read the last book of the THOO series in the middle of The Night Angel, and so I was quite impatient then to finish it quickly and wasn't really enjoying every moments of the book. Now I'm taking a few days break from reading and next I think I'll go for The Wheel of Time. 14 books and averagely at 700 pages each! Such a huge project certainly require an adequate rest before it commences; It is a long long way to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


After 2 years and 1 month, i'm posting an update for my long-abandoned blog. Never have i planned to update my blog at all, it just came out of nowhere.

Well, in this couple of years i guess a lot has changed. And i've heard that i've changed too, though not in a bad way at all. More, outspoken? I don't know the exact word. Of course, if your environment changes, so do you. It's an adaption, it's something that all livings would do out of natural instinct for survival. And after 2 years it seems that i'm still some distance away from what i want to achieve.

But i feel like blogging about one of my biggest interest but i don't know what is the exact name for it. Fantasy fiction, magic, all the supernatural stuff. Though not the science-fantasy fiction or the outer space stories. I'm very much into stories like Harry Potter, Underworld series, Percy Jackson & the Olympian series, Inheritance Cycle, etc.
How cool is it, to be able to get something done and whack some bad-ass with a wave a wand or just merely muttering a word, to move at a speed where human eye can't follow and jump down from a 50-feet-high building without a single bruise or scratch, to be able to breathe in water and be healed when you so much as just brushed your skin against the river and sea, to control fire and water and air and all other amazing supernatural abilities, creating earthquake thunder hurricane and ...*it goes on and on, you get my point*

Well of course i'm just looking and admiring the cool side of it. The bad comes with it, it's a package. But, can't i just dream and, i guess letting myself dwelling on all those fantasy isn't all bad. Is it?

By far, the one that attracts me the most is Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and the new series that continues the story, Heroes of Olympus is as great as its predecessor. The Greek and Roman Gods that have so many different abilities, being the master of their own field, the immortality but yet the mistakes that they'd do like a mortal human would, and all the exciting adventures and quest to complete, what's not to love? But no, not the movie Clash & Wrath of the Titans, or Immortals. Aren't the Gods like, immortal? They should not be dying but the movies just killed them. If they can die, they're not Gods. It makes no bloody sense to me.

Well i guess you can call me childish but, my love for the fantasies are so big i wouldn't deny it in front of anyone.

And here goes my first post after what seemed like eternity. And i can't promise that my next post wouldn't come up in another light year.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bloody Finger

cut my finger this afternoon unintendedly(duh) because the vege-cutting knife that used to be blunt is very much sharpened and blood was flowing like there's no tomorrow. while in panic to get tissues to keep the bloods from dripping at all over the place, felt dizzy and lie down for about 20 minutes. hematophobia, or lack of oxygen to provide for the brain because of bleeding? i do not think that i have the fear of sight of blood, so i'd say it's the latter one
the bloody finger is now wrapped in plaster with dried blood around it, and taking bath in the position of the statue of liberty - need to keep the finger dry. and have to sleep with a bloody finger...

actually it's not that bad, kind of exaggerating.

and by the way, i knocked my head in the evening when i was getting down from my brother's car.

bad day?